Eru Iyawo varies depending on the tribe or state the bride comes from. It is a list of items a bride's family require a groom's family to present on the engagement day. This list is usually given to the grooms family when the two families meets the first time, that is, during the introduction. It is symbolic and brings a sign of respect to the brides family and the bride herself.

However, here is a comprehensive list of 'Eru Iyawo' you can choose from or you can make the whole list your own.

  • Engagement Bible
  • Engagement Ring
  • Engagement cake
  • Brides suitcase this should include fabrics, shoes and bags
  • Umbrella
  • 42 pcs Obi(kolanuts)
  • 42 pcs Orogbo(bitter kola)
  • 42 pcs Atare(alligator pepper
  • 42 pcs Eja Osan(dried fish)
  • 42 pcs Tubers of yam
  •  1 big dish of Adun(peppered cornmeal)
  •  1 big dish of salt
  •  1 roll of sugar
  •  1 big bag of salt
  •  1 decanter of pure honey

Now is the money aspect of the list

  • Dowry
  • Owo omo Ile
  • Owo obirin Ile
  • Owo baba gbo
  • Owo Iya gbo
  • Owo Ijoko agba
  • Owo Isigba
  • Owo Iyawo Ile
  • Owo Ikanlekun
  • Owo Isiju Iyawo
  • Owo plane
  • Owo letter kika


  • 4 crates of five alive
  • 4 crates of can drinks
  • 6 bottles of wine
  • 2 crates of can malt
  • 1 empty decanter

Traditional wedding engagement is usually celebrated in style, it is a custom that is highly respected in the Yoruba culture with vibrant colours, drums, dance and peagentry, rich food and guests from both families, it is a beautiful and symbolic ceremony that is adored by  every yoruba woman.